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Los Angeles residents owning rugs will agree that keeping rugs free from damage and stains is like an impossible endeavor. No matter how careful you are and what tactics you resort to, at some point or the other, will need rug repair. Repairing rugs is no laughing matter. It takes years of hard work, dedication, expertise and perseverance. At Los Angeles Rescue Carpet Repair, all of our professionals are painstakingly trained and come with an adequate level of practice that ensures rug repair and cleaning is carried out effectively.

Types of Rug Damage

Our professionals at Los Angeles Rescue Carpet Repair attend to your rugs as if they are their own. Even if the state of your rug is bad, we attend to it in a careful manner and work hard to transform it back to how it used to be. There are many kinds of rug damage that we encounter. Some of the damages that require rug repair include:

  • Pet chewing and scratching
  • Serging of fraying fringes
  • Stains that are caused by humans as well as pets
  • Normal wear and tear of the rug’s natural fibers and the pile
  • The stains and blemishes caused by foods and drink
  • Problems in the edging or binding of the rug

These issues can occur even when you take proper care of your rug. Special rugs such as the Oriental rug, antique rug or Persian rug are also susceptible to these dangers. If you ever notice one or more of the above mentioned issues, you need to get in touch with us at Los Angeles Rescue Carpet Repair right away. Our experts are well versed and have an in-depth understanding of rug repair techniques. They will analyze the current situation of your rug and interact with you about the next step that needs to be taken. After we complete repairing your rug, we deliver it to your residential or commercial area. You won’t have anything to complain about after the repair is complete.

Los Angeles Rug Repair at its Finest

As there are many reasons why your rug can get damaged, there are also many approaches that can be adopted for rug repair. We offer you many repair techniques for the various problems and harms that occur, these include food stains, pet stains, natural wear and tear as well as water damage. We take special pains to understand the condition of your rug, the causes behind the condition and the proper repair procedures that needs to be undertaken for the same.

Rug repair and carpet repair is not one and the same thing. Our experts at Los Angeles Rescue Carpet Repair always treat them differently which is why we have special procedures for rugs as well as carpets.

Give Our Professionals a Ring

We carry out rug repair for residential as well as commercial areas. Only when we are content with the services we provide, we deliver your rugs to you. Our experts at Los Angeles Rescue Carpet Repair possess the best tools and equipment to carry out repair and replacement. We take care of fringes, tears and holes and also see that we offer you the most appropriate thread that matches the hue of your rug. All you need to do is give us a call and we will be right with you to help you out, even if your rug has been hand loomed with natural fibers or is a fine area rug.

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