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Even if you are meticulous in taking care of your carpet, it will be a victim to everyday use as well as wear and tear. It can become loose and wavy while sometimes the signs are more obvious, especially when your carpet looks wrinkled and rippled. If you want to bring your carpets to life again, all you have to do is give our professionals at Los Angeles Rescue Carpet Repair a chance. We conduct carpet stretching in an expert manner and make use of the latest tools and equipment so that your carpet appears taut and is back to its former self again.

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Carpets and Their Problems

Since our professionals at Los Angeles Rescue Carpet Repair address all of the everyday happenings that take a toll on your residential and commercial carpets, we find some of the most lingering and problem causing factors that carpets face. The factors that require carpet stretching include the following.

Extreme Cold and Heat: When the weather is too hot or too cold, our carpets can get affected easily, as a result they get wavy and loosen up. Turn your AC and heating units off, especially when you are locking your residential or commercial area for long periods of time. If the weather condition seems to fluctuate, it’s best to set your thermostat to heat and cool automatically.

Carpet Padding Issues: Underneath the wall to wall carpets that are not glued to a sub floor, there are carpet pads attached. These pads help to insulate, cushion and keep your carpets long lasting. When used for a long time, the padding in these carpets can deteriorate. This causes the carpet to loosen out. Cheap padding will only give you benefits for a limited time. After a certain point it cannot maintain its thickness and so breaks down leaving it wavy and loose.

Discrepancies in Installation: Installation of carpets for the first time needs to be carried out carefully. The carpet has to be doubly stretched from wall to wall and then needs to be attached to tack strips. According to the industry experts, installers need to use knee kicks to stretch the carpet. Before attaching it to the tack strip, they need to be sure that maximum stretch is ensured using a power stretcher. Power stretches however are expensive equipment that is not affordable to every service provider. Many installers do not use this equipment; as a result carpets do not get maximum stretch.

Carpet Stretching for Loose and Wavy Carpets

The good news is that the trouble caused by loose carpets can be rectified when you get in touch with the right experts. Our professionals at Los Angeles Rescue Carpet Repair offer you tailor-made repair and restoration procedures that ensure carpet stretching is carried out effectively and productively.

For carpet padding issues, we un-tack your carpet and replace the padding with a more superior quality. After this, we re-stretch your carpet with the help of knee kicks bringing the carpet back to how it used to look. Ultimately, a power stretcher is to give the carpet an impressive taut look.

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When you choose to associate with us you can expect the best service as our experienced professionals are highly competent. Further, we utilize the most advanced equipment to give your carpet the best care it deserves. So for all your carpet stretching needs, simply get in touch with us at Los Angeles Rescue Carpet Repair and you are good to go.

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